We offer fully figured systems and software licenses.
MorrowSound 3D software and method creates:

  • Believable and healthy sense of space and place with natural sounds and music.
  • Immersive sound experiences in MorrowSound Cube speaker arrays above and below the listening and conversation space
  • 3D sound that moves up and down as well as right to left and front to back

MorrowSound 2D-to-3D expander function brings new life to legacy media: mono, stereo and surround.

The 2D-to-3D Expander reveals the original recording space. One can walk into the past on their ears. 2D-to-3D reveals that older sound media such as the Edison cylinder, the shellac disc, the wire recording each have a media personality and include the space where sound was recorded.

MorrowSound software includes:

  • Comparison between MorrowSound 3D, virtual stereo and virtual surround
  • Integration with projection, show control or as needed
  • Sound masking with natural healthy sound

In architectural spaces, we mix our atmosphere with other softwares and sound makers.

In head-mounted devices these elements are animated by head movements.

On tablets, they are moved by hand motions.


Speaker options

–   On wall or ceiling brackets
–   On floor with isolators
–   On stands

–   In furniture with grills
–   Recessed in wall, floor or ceiling with grills
–   Cavity must be damped to avoid resonance

Symmetrical Arrays: same brand, same model, on stands

Symmetrical Arrays: same brand, same model

No possible lower speakers on one side

Larger upper speakers, smaller lower speakers

Ceiling mount, wall mount, recessed floor

High ceilings

Possible subwoofer positions

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