The CMP creative team is led by creative director Charlie Morrow and includes architects and acousticians, producers and writers, integrators and curators, sound designers and programmers, translators and researchers, each selected as needed for a specific assignment.

CMP utilizes a range of technologies to create an immersive sound environment. These soundscapes are customized to our clients’ needs. They can include:

  • Natural background sound including wind, water and geographic-specific sound
  • Re-creation of man-made sound such as cars, planes, trains and motorcycles, crowd noises and music
  • The sounds of birds, animals and the human voice
  • Sound that surrounds and sound that moves through the soundscape
  • Sounds that act as barriers creating soundscape “walls” to block out surrounding sound
  • Sonification of data and creation of synthetic sound and speech
  • Intergration of telephone, internet and wireless services for soundscapes and events

When appropriate we maintain a level of user fun and interactivity. We have also installed sound systems at the Whitney Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the New York Historical Society and many others.

Charles Morrow Productions international network of highly trained staff provides project leadership, design and production, installation, training and support. We are content creators, software and project developers, multimedia vendors, and media publishers. We work in many languages in diverse locations. We have experience in acquiring and conveying rights on behalf of our clients.


Charles Morrow Productions provides an extensive range of services that help create a custom-tailored experience particularly in the vein of Soundscapes and Installations to Sound and Art Exhibits. To meet our clients’ unique demands, CMP’s team specializes in Audio and AV production, creating sound experiences and sound sculpture, designing binaural and spatial sound, developing audio for Planetariums, and creating HD video and spherical projection audio.

Our work has been featured in both the Hall of Planet Earth and the Rose Center at the Natural History museum in New York, The Great Platte River Road Memorial Archway Museum in Nebraska, and the Altoona memorial Railroaders Museum in Pennsylvania, among many others.


CMP can't make the world your oyster, but we can make it your stage. From the luminous spirit of an international festival to the robust durability of a museum installation, CMP's strengths for powerful conception and dramatic design have transformed public spaces around the world.

The grand arena of public events, of course, demands much more than imaginative boldness. To these special practical challenges, CMP brings agile production strategies and a deft knowledge of the rules of a complex game. No public setting is too vast or distant, no technical challenge too complex, no bureaucratic labyrinth too daunting.

Some of our events that have taken place over large environments include the Finale for the World Cup Soccer Games in Los Angeles (a co-design and production of Radio City Music Hall Productions), Citywave Copenhagen, and Toot ‘N Blink Chicago.


Working with a broad range of musical styles, CMP positions sound where it should be—right on the edge. This energy is evident in our soundtrack work, as Charles Morrow Productions has produced award-winning jingles and commercial soundtracks, on air promotion/ID music, and film soundtracks.

Our jingles have been used to promote Hefty, Diet Coke, AT&T, and Mercedes Benz, while our on air promotional/ID music have been heard on MTV, The Cartoon Network, Court TV, and Turner Broadcasting. Our film soundtracks range from documentaries to industrials (tradtional soundtracks for clients including Viacom and Duracell) to feature films (Altered States, with John Corigliano).

Charles Morrow Productions has a special interest in collaborations with indiginous filmmakers. Major projects have included Beyond Night and Day by Sami filmmaker Paul-Anders Simma, and the current production by Yukon filmmaker Carol Geddes, George Johnson, Tlingit Photographer


  • We work with 2D and 3D sound.
  • We have sound libraries of our own and an extensive network of relationships with sound libraries around the world.
  • We work with scientists and historians to accurately define the sounds of any historical period or location in time and space.
  • We do field and location recordings.
  • We create sounds in the studio with such techniques as Foley and diverse processing.
  • We write algorithms for sonification of data. Our Brazil themed sound environment for SC Johnson is driven by NOAA weather data on line.
  • We write and record music, sound experiences and narrations.
  • We work in any language with text, subtexts and subtitles, voices, real and synthesized.
  • We work with all recorded media new and old, and expert sound restorers.
  • We process content as needed using a wide variety of techniques, new and old.
  • We work with builders of instruments, vocal apparatus, whistles, fountains and other artisans to fashion sound making devices.
  • Our philosophy is to produce final tracks which sound good, even on very average equipment.


One of CMP’s most distinguishing services is our development of unique Audio Tours for museums, exhibits, events and attractions. An industry leader, CMP creates Audio Tours that can be packaged in a number of diverse technologies, including handheld devices and cell phones. In developing Audio Tours, CMP specializes in a comprehensive service that spans from concept development, research, production, and post-production all the way to manufacturing. Our Audio Tours have been heard on the Empire State Building Observatory Deck and the Kennedy Space Center, among many others.