MorrowSound will make a demo—tailored to your needs and desires—in one of our immersive 3D listening rooms, located in the United States and in Europe—or in your dome or space.

Please fill out this contact form below and we will schedule a listening session to demonstrate our naturalistic soundscapes, systems and software. We will contact you right away to make a demo in one of our listening rooms, or at your location.

Experiencing immersive, MorrowSound 3D sound is the best way to understand the difference between mono-stereo-surround, and fully enveloping audio that places the listener deep inside the sound space.


1961 Roaring Brook Road, Barton VT 05822

Ear Up
326 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013
–   also the Ear Inn restaurant/bar.

139 Maryland Street  El Segundo, CA 90245
–   includes 3D projection

Soundscape Studio
369 Congress Street, Boston MA 02210

Travis Price Architects
1028 33rd Street NW Suite 320, Washington, DC 20007

Harri Koskinen Works
Saariniemenkatu 8 D, FI-00530 Helsinki, Finland

  Schützenstrasse 89, 22761 Hamburg, Germany 
–   also converts Fraunhofer to MorrowSound 3D

Image Engineering 98/2, K. Sharma Marg, Mumbai 400 002, India

Portable Cubes by appointment
Berlin, DE - Christopher Williams
London UK - Neill Woodger
Los Angeles, CA - Peter Kirby
New York, NY - Stew Bird
Portland OR - Larry Johnson
Helsinki, FI - Charlie Morrow

Jeff Aaron Bryant
Stew Bird